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 Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch was designed by Meeks Design Group, Inc. in 2005. It includes a large array of outdoor concepts including a park, multiple pools, and activities area. It was a project that allowed us to use a lot of creative planning to incorporate all the areas in a cohesive way.

The front sign is set with mixed stones to match the buildings on the property. It gives a decorative feature to the sign without taking away from the logo and name. The plants around the sign are organized so that they accent the sign.

The landscaping for the building keeps with the overall look  of the project, simple-clean-mondern country feel to it. The features of the buildings are accented with clean, organized landscaping.

The buildings are all very intricate with details, which we wanted to emphasize with the landscape design and allow for admiration while being around the property relaxing or using it for recreational purposes. The running trails around the property were designed to look like a naturally created pathway so that it blends in with the lake and complex.

The 25 foot lap pools were another great outdoor feature of this project. The area around the pool doesn’t stray from the overall concept, creating something that serves its purpose but that looks like it fits with the natural look of the landscape. Landscaping around the pool gives a nice background for those working out, allowing them a little serenity while taking care of their fitness needs.

The park that includes the outdoor courts and running trails was our favorite feature of this complex. Looking at the area, you would not know that it belongs as a part of a fitness center. It looks like any park for the outdoor enthusiast. We take great pride knowing that when those who are using the facility go to the park it will feel like they are just enjoying a day at the park, not showing up to a fitness facility.

Cooper Aerobics Center at Craig Ranch is a multi-use facility with different aspects of landscape design. We take pride in how the project came together- including the pool, park and activities areas.