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The Grand Estates Woodland is a contemporary apartment complex located in Magnolia, TX. The lead landscape designer for this project was  Clayton Turley. The plan included a clubhouse entrance design, resort-style pool, private dog park, and central park area for residents to enjoy.

The entry to Grand Estates Woodland is designed to complement the building aesthetic–modern with a Texas twist. All of the plants were selected to meet the climate of the area.

The pool design was created to give residents a place to relax and feel like they are enjoying some time away from the stress of the day. Palm trees were planted to resemble a “resort” feel and provide a beautiful backdrop for residents. One of the unique features of the pool is the tanning bed. This creates a perfect place for residents to beat the heat while enjoying time with friends.

Creating a “central park” in the middle of the complex is another way that the team continued the “resort” feel to the project. Residents can take a nice stroll through the park and truly enjoy a peaceful escape. A dog park and children’s park were incorporated into the area to cater all types of families, giving everyone various recreational options within the park.

Clayton and the team enjoyed designing a space for residents that meets the contemporary, yet rustic feel of a Texas resort.