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We reviewed Junction Crossing Apartments during the preliminary design phase in a recent post, using stills from our Lumion prepared video.  As is quite normal, many aspects of the project changed from that post to the completed project.  This piece will review the final apartment complex.

Junction Crossing, a high-end apartment project north of Ft. Worth in Keller, Texas, is a stunning example of the owner providing funding for a long list of over the top amenities. These include a 12,000 square foot dog park, a half-mile walking/jogging trail and a three level, multi-area mega pool.  There is also a playground, a fire pit, and a beautifully constructed retention pond.


For a project such as this, a striking pool is a must.  This magnificent feature includes three levels, each with a different designated use. Waterfalls, an infinity edge, raised planters, and a splash pad complete the pool amenity, ensuring there is something fun for everyone.  The adjacent clubhouse has a fire place inside an enclosed tower, a second floor multipurpose room, and a full work out room, all facing the pool.  A nearby fire pit puts the final touch on this cozy gathering place. 

The massive dog park is unique for a project of this type.  First, it’s size alone sets it apart from other residential dog parks.  On average, an apartment dog park is 500 square feet.  This one is over 12,000 square feet!  It is divided into two separate a sections, one for larger dogs and one for smaller dogs.  There is also a full-service dog wash in an adjacent building.  The entry area into each section has a bench, a trash receptacle, and a leash post.  There will ultimately be a series of dog exercise stations in each area.

 A half-mile walking/jogging trail runs through the front section of the site.  Winding through nearly an acre of gently rolling berms, the trail, made of compacted decomposed granite, is a welcome addition to the health-conscious tenant.  The path is well-lit and completely fenced inside the complex, allowing for use at any time.

Finally, the detention pond, normally a second thought area, is quite unique.  With large native limestone boulders forming the walls, a multi-level, heavily planted service ramp, and a multi-tiered fountain, it is not the normal pond.  It is quite an extravagant focal feature.

Junction Crossing, from preliminary design through final construction, was an exciting and challenging project. It’s numerous unique elements forced our landscape architects to think and create outside the box. With all of the pieces that remained in the final project, it is a stunning addition to the portfolio of Meeks Design Group, Inc.